Grapefruit Launch Party

In January 1968 Jimi and I were invited to the press launch of a band called Grapefruit, who were associated with John Lennon and named after Yoko Ono’s book Grapefruit.

Jimi and I were not going to go, but at the last minute Brian Jones turned up at our flat and went to great lengths to persuade us to attend. I wasn’t happy because my hair was a mess and I hadn’t washed it but Brian was so keen for us to go that I decided to put a wig on and make it look as good as I could.

We got in a taxi and went to the reception rooms just off Hanover Square.

They were at the Mayfair Suite of the Hanover Grand Hotel.

Uncomfortable chairs

Brian, Jimi and I sat in a line on uncomfortable chairs. I really didn’t want to be there and the wig, which was driving me crazy, kept sliding down and I repeatedly had to try to set it straight.

As well as us, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Donovan, and Cilla Black attended the press launch. Jane Asher was there also.

Terrible wig










Grapefruit went on to record for the next couple of years, but I hated that wig so much I never wore it again.

Grapefruit with Brian Jones, Donovan, Ringo, John Lennon, Cilla Black and Paul McCartney at the launch party










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