Jimi Hendrix and Send my Love to Linda. Original lyrics.

This picture of a scrumpled up piece of paper is one of the many scribblings that Jimi had a habit of making when he was working on new songs.

This one is from our time in Brook Street in 1969 and I remember he showed it to me and asked me what I thought of it.

The simple answer was “Not much – and it didn’t seem to rhyme.”

The other thing was that I was a bit unhappy about the Send My Love to Kathy bit. It was bad enough Katherina and me walking into the sea (I told him he better go on his own) but I really didn’t like being named in songs and he should change it to another name.

Just then my friend Linda came up to the flat. Linda was called Linda Baxter, or maybe Buxton (I never knew her by her surname). She was Rocky Dzidzournou the conga player’s girlfriend and she was feeling very sick and asking for something to be sick into. I found her a wastepaper bin like a small bucket.

I suggested to Jimi to change the name to Linda instead of Kathy.

Changing the name from mine to Linda seemed to cheer her up a bit.

So that is how Send my Love to Linda got started. It’s a pity it never got finished.



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