Jimi Hendrix and the Two Telephones

Now most people seeing this picture would not have any idea of why Jimi is sitting on the floor with two phones.

We had started to get problems with unwanted visitors. People would just knock on the door and barge in uninvited and they would also phone us up at any time of the day or night. Jimi was so polite that he couldn’t say no until they got so annoying that he’d suddenly lose his temper with them.

Having two phones was my idea to stop people bothering us on the phone and it worked for a while until Jimi sabotaged the system in a moment of forgetfulness.

The telephone never stopped ringing so I decided to have two phones installed, one with a number which we gave out to people and one which we kept private. Then I would take the general phone off the hook. But Jimi started giving the other number to people in case they couldn’t get through on the first line, which completely defeated the object.











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