34 Montagu Square

Ringo owned the flat at 34 Montagu Square and rented it to us after we moved out of the Hyde Park Towers Hotel.

We were lucky to get it as Paul McCartney had just moved out of the flat before us.¬†The neighbours weren’t too happy about having musicians in the flat. Paul had been using it as a recording studio and I’m sure it wasn’t very soundproof.

Paul and Ringo outside the flat













The elderly lady who lived upstairs could be rather grumpy. She wouldn’t let us have the keys to the communal gardens when the photographer wanted to take some photos of Jimi in the gardens.







In the end we had to move out because of the complaints about noise, but after us John and Yoko Ono moved in and they were raided by the drug squad which was the last straw as far as the neighbours were concerned. Ringo had to sell up and no more musicians lived at 34 Montagu Square.

John outside the flat










Now there is a Blue Plaque to John Lennon on the house.

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