All Is By My Side. Jimi Hendrix Biopic. Hayley Atwell and André Benjamin.

I have been rather quiet the last month or so because I have been waiting for news about the upcoming film. I have been asked by so many people about it that I can’t answer everybody.

Most people are asking whether I have anything to do with this film and the answer is a categorical “no”.

I have read that Hayley Atwell plays me and André 3000 is Jimi.

This film is advertised as the “true story” about Jimi’s early years in London, but how can it be a “true story” if the makers of the film have not asked any of Jimi’s London friends about what went on? The whole thing is very strange. Also I have never met Hayley Atwell and she has not contacted me for background information.

When I first heard about the film I wrote to the scriptwriter offering my help but he didn’t reply.

In recent interviews Hayley Atwell says that it is not a biopic and has a “… very interesting script,” “It’s not linear, it’s very bizarrely constructed,..”

I hope the film is not a wasted opportunity to do a good story about Jimi in London.