Jimi Hendrix Biopic. All is By My Side. Hayley Atwell fashion disaster.







I have seen some stills of the location scenes filmed in Dublin and practically everything about them is wrong. This photo is an example.

My clothes are wrong, the lamp posts are wrong for London, the police uniforms are wrong (they are dressed more like the Keystone Cops than the Met), and the characters are obviously much older than Jimi and I were at the time.

The actress playing me is wearing ugly garish clothes like a canary yellow skirt that I wouldn’t be seen dead in. The poor woman has been dressed as a clown. In other shots she seems to be mouthing obscenities and making offensive gestures.

It is very cruel of the director to make her act like this.

In early interviews she is reported to have said that she plays me as a “wild child”, “out of control”; who “swears in every line”. She apparently put on an unusual Northern English accent.

I was told by my informants in the film business who saw the early cuts that the film was “embarrassing”.

Naturally I complained to the film makers and they seem to have made some changes. My character has morphed into an Irish socialite! That sounds rather high-falutin’ but is really just as silly as being a working class Mancunian.

Maybe they have brought in a voice coach to change my character’s accent to an Irish one which is completely bizarre because my accent is, and was, a fairly bland and neutral British accent with just a tinge of Irish sometimes.

In interviews Hayley Atwell says the film is not a biopic.

Maybe it is a comedy.