Amir Amirani website


Amir Amirani is a London based film maker and writer. He and his cameraman Chris Morphet make sensitive and quirky films and documentaries. He made the documentary about the Blue Plaque – Hallelujah Hendrix.



Andrew Crofts website
Andrew Crofts website


Andrew Crofts is the writer who helped me with my book. He says he just wrote down what I told him, but of course it was very much more than that! He may be the writer on whom the lead character of the thriller film The Ghostwriter (The Ghost in the UK and Ireland) is based. It is a great story.




DrugScope website


Harry Schapiro is Director of Communications & Information. He edits the magazine Druglink for professionals interested in drug-related issues.

Please support DrugScope.



Ed Vulliamy


Ed Vulliamy is a journalist and author. He will go places and write about things that other journalists are too scared to contemplate.

He wrote this piece –



Handel House Museum link


Our old flat in Brook Street has been recreated by the museum. The museum is well worth a visit for the Hendrix rooms and the Handel rooms.




Jimpress magazine



Steve Rodham is the person in charge. Jimpress is an essential resource for the Hendrix fan.




Madeline Bell’s website



Madeline is a long term friend since the 60s. Her remarkable singing career continues.




34 Montague Square website


After Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney stayed there, Jimi and I stayed and were followed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.




Roger Mayer website


Roger Mayer – brilliant sonic and electronic engineer.

An old friend and still at the cutting edge of technology.




The Cromwellian Club website


I had a DJing job here before moving on to the Scotch of St. James. I gave up DJing to move in with Jimi and get involved with the start of his success. There are a few historical inaccuracies but the website gives the flavour of the times.



The Guitar Museum website



James Westbrook is a tremendously knowledgeable guitar specialist and friend.


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